Especially For Mr. Bunnie


"Especially For Mr. Bunnie"

                               The Untold Childrens Story About Bunnys

     "A children's story That Will Last To The End Of Time!"


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Children can't wait to hear what happens to Mr. Bunnie next.  What will he do today, what will he say!

This adorable children's story tells the tale of a very special day, created just for Mr. Bunnie.  The coolest part of this story is that it's a SECRET and Mr. Bunnie knows nothing about this very special event.

Watch as your child's eyes widen, as each page unfolds (fully illustrated) and they get to meet some really cool characters that are Mr. Bunnies friends from the past .  There are cute little bunnies found running and playing and eating chocolate covered bunny treats...

This is a story that will touch the young and the old alike.  With some it will put a teary mist in their eyes while the ending touches hearts of many.


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"Especially For Mr. Bunnie" Coloring Book
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To Your Happiness in Life & Adventure!

Carol J Mehlman
Author & Illustrator      

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